Transfertex Collection

Transfer printing, is also known as thermo printing, dry printing or sublimation printing, is a relatively recent, state-of-the-art technology for printing textiles. The process, which was newly discovered in 1957, was further developed over subsequent 10 years to a point for industrial application. Since then, this technology has become widespread throughout the world. Groups of transfer print users and the installation of several thousand transfer calendar presses in the textile industry in many countries have experienced to the extraordinary and rapid expansion of this process. The constantly increasing proportion of transfer printing in relation to textile printing as a whole lies in the fact that it has decisive advantages over conventional wet printing of textiles.

Founded in 1970, Transfertex is one of the pioneers in heat transfer printing. In 2011, Transfertex produced over 330 million square meters of transfer paper (more than any other company) which was sold in more than 60 countries.

The company has its own creative team working closely with leading international studios to select and create thousands of designs each year. This all compliments a standing collection of more than 3.500 designs for home furnishings, apparel and many specialty products. Transfertex prints exclusively with the superior Copper Roto-Gravure process. This process enables design depth and detail on textiles that otherwise can only be found in the packaging and illustration industries.

The sublimation inks are of the highest quality and more than conform to the strictest environmental codes in the world. Transfertex has 320 well-trained and motivated employees is located in Kleinosthreim, Germany, 40 km away from Frankfurt, where Germany’s largest airport is located.