Solving Your Textile Printing Problems.


Who We Are

Ünlü Transfer established In 1992, with the principle of, "offering world class textile solutions using the most detailed printing and finishing technologies". Nowadays it managed to become one of the largest printing companies in Turkey.

Managing the operations with the team of 30 person and managing their own infrastructure investments of Research and Developments, Ünlü Transfer has become the Largest Digital Sublimation Printing Mill with the huge digital printing machine investment here in Turkey in 2013. Approximately 80% of the plant's 30,000 m2 daily digital printing capacity has been exported to Europe's fashion centers.

Having textile designers, graphic designers and trend analysts in house, Ünlü Transfer follows the macro and micro trends in the world closely and creates a new perspective by synthesizing different types of prints to its customers.

In 2005, Ünlü Transfer added Turkey's Longest Thermofixation Lamination Machine into their arsenal. With this investment, it became one of the major suppliers of Lamination, Polishing, Foiling and Coating processes.

With its investments in green technologies , Ünlü Transfer has become one of the few companies carrying the carbon footprint far below the standards with zero emission and no water use. With its state of the art patten pending solution now It is possible to dye fabric without using any water by adopting Dry Coloring Technique.

We are  providing our customers with the same quality in the first meters and in the millionth meter with the most extensive design collection here with the partnership of the world's largest transfer printing paper manufacturer Transfertex GmbH & Co.

Enough of talking about ourselves - let's talk a little bit about you. Whether you own a retail store, wholesale fabric sale store or you are in a sourcing business, you need a partner that will make your complex printing jobs easier. Let's listen to you and make it easy together.